Friday, September 27, 2013

The spectacle of it all, and why you should just walk away

This post is off topic.

I'm going to talk briefly about something that has been pissing me off for quite a while now, but recent articles, interviews, and a Reddit AMA about "Romeo Rose" (aka "Sleepless in Austin") pushed me to the point of needing to say something.

Please, just stop it.

Look, I get it. Here is this physically unattractive, sexist, racist, douche-bag who thinks that he can pay someone $1500 to find him a girlfriend. You can't get a more perfect example of someone to lift up just to knock down. From the physical requirements of the woman he wants, the ethnicity of the woman, to his various forum postings all over the internet about learning how to pick up women (which helpful Redditors have scraped up out of the ether), ... the dude is a train wreck.

And it is so tempting to jump on the bandwagon to hate on the guy for any one of several reasons. But let me ask you one simple question: does it make the world a better place to tell your friends, to post on a forum, or to pass around the links as a way of saying that you don't like the guy? Seriously. Stop and consider it for just one or two moments. In the 5, 10, or even 60 minutes that you've been reading up on this guy, just so you would have ammunition to shit all over him, did you ever stop to wonder if it made you a better person? Did saying those things make you feel good about yourself?

We've got serious problems in this world, and thousands (maybe millions) of people are wasting their time talking about a guy whose claim to fame is an awful singles page. If the world was right and just, he might have been laughed at in a tiny corner of the internet for a day or two and forgotten. But no, here we are a couple days in, and Google gives me thousands of links to people talking about him.

Please, just stop it.

Every time anyone points out how awful of a person he is, how unattractive he is, or just to say that he's got bad teeth (the teeth and the way he looks are caused by a genetic condition that he has literally zero control over), all they are doing is bullying someone. You can validate it all you want, "he deserves it", "he is awful", or even "he brought it on himself". But just because you are standing with thousands of other bullies doesn't make it or you right, it just makes you an asshole with a bunch of other assholes.

So just stop it. Just walk away. Forget about Romeo Rose, and get on with your life. And when the next spectacle comes along, consider just walking away from that one too. Because it's the same thing over and over again. There will always be people that are held up in front of you to knock down, and every time you do it, you are a bully and an asshole.

And to top it off, you are wasting your time thinking about people you don't even like, who will never think about you or give you the time of day.

Make your life better. Just stop it.