Sunday, December 11, 2022

Goodbye Twitter

Some people have heavy hearts, but I don't. I originally signed up for Twitter for development / API access. I wrote software that analyzed millions of tweets and twitter profiles every day for Adly and our celebrity tweet network. I'm about a decade removed from Adly, never much got into tweeting, and I spend most of my time on Twitter recently posting updates about my software, book, etc. Things that could be blog posts here. I'll probably do that going forward.

I'm leaving Twitter because after Elon Musk's takeover, all I've seen is hard-working people who built the platform being denigrated, while the most useless CEO on the planet tweet-abuses, blocks, and suspends anyone who has a problem with his banality echoing though his slowly emptying anti-social network. Any semblance of an original thought seems to be limited to lightly-edited pro-Russia and pro-MAGA talking points, while pretending that he's the all-seeing eye traversing dimensions.

Imagine having access to billions of dollars... then using it to put Trump on Twitter, where Trump already has a whole social network dedicated to it - "Truth Social" (the irony is not lost on me, and it shouldn't on you). And using it to insult / abuse the people who made Twitter what it was. From developers, to community managers, to the entire Twitter community. Imagine having had the support of most of the world to put rockets on Mars... then squandering it on posting memes to your $40 billion micro-blog platform.

I was over Musk when he talked about couping Bolivia. The union busting at his factories, when he straight fired a huge portion of the Twitter workforce, and the recent public details of his failure at being a father. All of that behavior is anti-people, anti-labor, and obviously seeks to create animosity among as many people as possible.

No Tesla, no powerwall, and no Musk-profiting products, not ever. I've got other, better things to spend my time and money on. I bet you all do too.