Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A message to (almost) everyone

Just so that I don't get caught out on this later in life, thinking that I might not get to say it later, I just wanted to tell you, Thank You. By reading these words, you have in some small way contributed to some part of me living on beyond my death. And all someone can really hope for is to be remembered in the future.

I wish that everyone would record a bit of themselves every day, and that future generations be required to read/listen to these auto-biographies as a matter of cultural heritage and learning. Because to be forgotten is such a great shame. Yet billions are already forgotten.

To the point: Thank You. By interacting with me through comments, conversations over the phone, conversations in person, arguments, discussions, anything and everything, you have helped make me who I am today. Your kindness, love, contempt, frustration, and all other such things have helped me along the way to become who I am. And honestly, I like me right now. So, thank you for helping me like me.

I have an amazing life. My wife is amazing, my first child, Mikela is a wonderful little girl. So sweet, playful, outgoing, ... everything a dad could want. And we are happy to report that we are expecting another little girl later this year! I am sure she will also be a wonderful little girl, especially with Mikela as an older sister. I am not sure I could be happier. :D

My work is going well, the boss-man just had a major insight into what will really drive Zeconomy's adoption, and I can't wait to build it.

I also am having an amazing burst of creativity in the last several months since starting to lift weights and run again, and I can't help but remember that I dream and am more creative when I work out regularly. On the creativity side of things, vote on some stories. On the physical side of things, I don't look bad for my age. Just need a haircut and a shave.

So yeah, thank you everyone for helping me get here, helping me be who I am. Oh... except for bullies when I was in school: you get no thanks from me.


  1. Love you Josiah. You inspire me. Thank you.

    1. You are welcome, and thank you for the kind words. I hope that whatever inspiration you receive helps you to be the person you aspire to be. :)